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What is Marketing?

In today’s business world, marketing is a tool that every businessman should know, we are sure that companies in one way or another use marketing techniques, even without knowing it.

We have all heard of Marketing at some point, however if we ask for a definition, some would say that it is selling, others that it is advertising, or that it is the distribution of products, or designing containers, packaging, etc.

We could say that they are all right, but not independently, since all these are tasks that can be carried out within marketing.

There is a short definition but it contains the essence of this tool: “Marketing is the set of activities aimed at achieving, with benefit, consumer satisfaction through a product or service”.

This is how marketing has evolved along with the needs of companies and their environments, going from price, product, promotion and place marketing to strategic and later tactical marketing. In the last ten years we have gone from marketing of needs to marketing of aspirations, which translates into the appearance of a consumer who wants to feel, be a part of and become. It is no longer focused on simply selling the product or service, the relationship between the consumer and the brand begins to be valued and strengthened, communication becomes more and more important, the consumer wants to participate in the whole process, wants to be a part of the brand, wants to be part of the company, and the word marketing is diluted among various terms that arise as a result of specialization, such as: street marketing, buzz marketing, neuromarketing, social marketing, engagement marketing, among others.

In this interesting video Phillip Kotler talks about the latest marketing trends, the evolution to Marketing 3.0 and co-creation marketing, which is giving life to new products and services that are revolutionizing the relationship of different companies with their customers.

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