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Training and Development

Human Resources training and development programs according to company needs.
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Our Training Areas


Our team of speakers are experts in key business areas.

Workshops and Seminars

We design training programs with easy learning methodologies and according to every company’s necessities.

Strategy and Innovation

We develop 3D models (Differential, Disruptive and Digital) for different types of companies and through modern practices.

Learning Systems in business environments

We offer learning tools based on best learning technologies.

Organization Development

We aligned organizational structures to corporate strategy through Business Consulting Services and Change Management Training.

Compensation and Strategic Alignment

We work with your executive team to improve productivity through training and process optimization.

Experiences’ Factory

We create training and development processes through senses stimulation experiences, emotional bond situations and others.

International Certification

We certify companies’ teams in organizational development, such as Agile Organizations, Customer Experience Management Practitioner and other certifications.

Sales Workshops

We offer multiple workshops and courses focused on continuous development and improvement of sales skills.

We design full training and development programs according to each company’s necessities and in different business areas like Sales, Finance, Organization Development, Human Resources, Innovation, Digital Marketing and others.

We have in-person programs, as well as virtual programs, International Certifications and In-Company training programs.

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Training and Development - IBCP

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